How do you make the cut in the Architect 50? Here's how the Top 50 firms in this year's ranking answered some of the key questions in the survey. All data is from calendar year 2017 unless otherwise indicated.

Forty-seven firms reported a change. Of the 39 firms that reported an increase, the median response was 13 percent. Of the 8 firms that reported a decrease, the median response was 10 percent.

Median response was 104.

Responses divided by total number of firm employees to create a percentage. Median response was 10 percent. Only includes positions that were newly created, not positions that already existed but were filled by a new employee.

Median response was 10 percent. Turnover is defined as the number of positions replaced over total employment

Median response was 40 percent.

Median response was 24 percent.

Pro bono work limited to architectural or design-related projects.

Of the 48 firms who did pro bono work, the median percentage was 1.1 percent.

Of the 48 firms that did pro bono work, 31 have signed on to the challenge.

All 50 firms signed the commitment.

Forty-five firms submitted reports to the AIA.

Median response was 14 percent.

Median response among 14 firms offering higher salaries was 4 percent increase.