Today, the AIA announced the names of 154 new members of College of Fellows for 2018. This year's class is composed of 152 AIA members and two international architects. The College of Fellows is the highest rank in the Institute's membership and is only awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the profession of architecture and society.

To qualify for the distinction, candidates must have at least 10 years of AIA membership and have demonstrated one of the following:

Promoted the aesthetic, scientific, and practical efficiency of the profession; advanced the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training or practice; coordinated the building industry and the profession of architecture through leadership in the AIA or other related professional organizations; or advanced the living standards of people through an improved environment.

Of the AIA's 91,000 members, there are only 3,425 living architect fellows.

The Honorary Fellows of the Institute also named two new members: Tokyo-based Taro Ashihara and Bangkok-based Sathirut Nui Tandanand. The Honorary Fellows program was created to recognize "the achievements of foreign architects as individuals and also elevates before the global public and the profession, model architects who have significantly contributed to the profession on an international level."

The New Members of the College of Fellows
Edward H Adelman, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Jennifer Aliber, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Joseph J. Aliotta, AIA New York Chapter
Joseph M. Antunovich, AIA Chicago
Dror Baldinger, AIA San Antonio
Jay Bargmann, AIA New York Chapter
Alan Barlis, New York Chapter
Jonathan Barnes, AIA Columbus
Larry Barr, AIA Washington D.C.
Denise M. Berger, AIA New York Chapter
Andrew Bernheimer, AIA New York Chapter
Randall J. Biallas, AIA Washington D.C.
Kiki Bolender, AIA Philadelphia
Craig Borum, AIA Huron Valley
Gerald Warren Briggs, AIA Washington D.C.
Eric Bunge, AIA New York Chapter
Gregory John Burke, AIA Treasure Coast
Mary Burnham, AIA New York Chapter
Nathan R. Butler, AIA Orlando
Robert Calvani, AIA Albuquerque
Pablo Castro, AIA New York Chapter
Vishaan Chakrabarti, AIA New York Chapter
Katherine Kai-sun Chia, AIA New York Chapter
David J. Chilinski, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Leigh Christy, AIA Los Angeles
Jonah Cohen, AIA Portland
Jose R. Coleman-Davis Pagan, AIA Puerto Rico
Chris Cooper, AIA New York Chapter
Stuart L. Coppedge, AIA Colorado South
Joseph Coppola, AIA New York Chapter
Joseph Coriaty, AIA Los Angeles
Bernard Costantino, AIA Columbus
Andrew M. Cupples, AIA Los Angeles
William (Griff) Davenport, AIA Minneapolis
Jules Dingle, AIA Philadelphia
Martine Dion, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Wendy Dunnam Tita, AIA Austin
Craig Dykers, AIA New York Chapter
Tamara Eagle Bull, AIA Lincoln
Aimee Eckmann, AIA Chicago
Rand Ekman, AIA Chicago
Glenn Fellows, AIA Albuquerque
Joshua Flowers, AIA Memphis
Viviana Frank-Franco, AIA Lower Rio Grande Valley
Anna Franz, AIA Washington D.C.
Verity L. Frizzell, AIA Jersey Shore
R David Frum, AIA Seattle
William B. Gallagher Jr., AIA Washington D.C.
Donald F Gatzke, AIA Fort Worth
Brian George, AIA Dallas
Rocco Giannetti, AIA New York Chapter
Joann Gonchar, AIA New York Chapter
F. Eric Goshow, AIA New York Chapter
Dina A. Griffin, AIA Chicago
Timothy J. Griffin, AIA St. Paul
Jacquelyn Hale, AIA Orlando
Melody Harclerode, AIA Atlanta
Kristine A. Harding, AIA North Alabama
Laura Hartman, AIA East Bay
Cynthia Hayward, AIA Huron Valley
Laura Heim, AIA New York Chapter
Mark C. Hirons, AIA Chicago
James House, AIA Los Angeles
Zena K. Howard, AIA Triangle
Jonathan Humble, AIA Connecticut
David J. Insinga, AIA Washington D.C.
Mark Jensen, AIA San Francisco
Pamela Jerome, AIA New York Chapter
Bruce Johnson, AIA Asheville
Leonard Kady, AIA New York Chapter
Bernhard Karpf, AIA New York Chapter
Arlan Kay, AIA Southwest Wisconsin
James H. Kolker, AIA St. Louis
Matthew Kreilich, AIA Minneapolis
Lee Ledbetter, AIA New Orleans
Mindy Lehrman Cameron, AIA Seattle
Thomas Leslie, AIA Iowa
David Leven, AIA New York Chapter
Ismael Leyva, AIA New York Chapter
Brian J Mac, AIA Vermont
Emily Marthinsen, AIA East Bay
Don H. May, AIA Albuquerque
Ronnie McGhee, AIA Washington D.C.
Samuel Miller, AIA Seattle
Adrienne Montare, AIA Columbia
Suzanne Napier, AIA San Francisco
James A. Nicolow, AIA Southwest Michigan
Christopher Noll, AIA San Francisco
Samuel Óghale Oboh
Sean O'Donnell, AIA Washington D.C.
Joyce Owens, AIA Florida Southwest
Haril Pandya, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Wendy Pautz, AIA Seattle
Frederick (Rick) Petersen, AIA Denver
Donna Phaneuf, AIA Hampton Roads
Naomi Pollock, AIA Japan
Kenneth Radtkey, AIA Santa Barbara
Sharon Refvem, AIA Santa Clara Valley
David W. Robinson, AIA Houston
J. Todd Robinson, AIA Middle Tennessee
Candid Rogers, AIA San Antonio
Zigmund Rubel, AIA San Francisco
Wolf Saar, AIA Seattle
Patricia Saldaña Natke, AIA Chicago
Tania S Salgado, AIA Denver
John Lynch Sanders, AIA East Tennessee
Thomas Savory, AIA Columbia
Clemens Bruns Schaub, AIA Treasure Coast
Edwin Schmidt, AIA Northern Virginia
Charles L. Schreckenberger, AIA Akron
John M. Sellery, AIA Hong Kong
Nick Serfass, AIA Richmond
Stephen L. Sharp, AIA Dayton
Brian Shea, AIA New York Chapter
Christopher N. Shears, AIA Denver
Rosa Sheng, AIA San Francisco
Troy Sherrard, AIA Columbus
Lloyd Sigal, AIA Buffalo/Western New York
George C. Skarmeas, AIA Philadelphia
Charles Davis Smith, AIA Dallas
Z. Smith, AIA New Orleans
Traci Dawn Sooter, AIA Springfield
Jonathan Scott Sparer AIA Las Vegas
Robert Steele, AIA Richmond
Carrie Strickland, AIA Portland
Dean Strombom, AIA Houston
James Susman, AIA Austin
Robert J. Svedberg, AIA Atlanta
Karen Hargarther Thomas, AIA Seattle
Kermit Duncan Thompson, AIA Connecticut
Henry Tom, AIA Southern Arizona
Ronald J. Tomasso, AIA Washington D.C.
Eric Tomich, AIA San Francisco
Sean Towne, AIA San Diego
Edward Tucker, AIA West Virginia
Bryan Turner, AIA Utah
Grant Uhlir, AIA Chicago
David Urschel, AIA Chicago
Peter F. Vieira, Jr., Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Lois Vitt Sale, AIA Northeast Illinois
Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, AIA Los Angeles
David E. Wark, AIA Portland
Louis Wasserman, AIA Milwaukee
Angela E. Watson, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
Ellen Watts, Boston Society of Architects/AIA
David West, AIA New York Chapter
Paul Whalen, AIA New York Chapter
Stephen Wierzbowski, AIA Chicago
Graham S. Wyatt, AIA New York Chapter
Mark Yoes, AIA New York Chapter
Steve Ziger, AIA Baltimore
Dawn Zuber, AIA Huron Valley