She’s smart, beautiful, and virtuous, but this show home isn’t a supermodel. This isn’t the fantasy house that you love, but can’t have. It’s a dream that’s well within reach—the house equivalent of the girl next door.

Blessed with classic American good looks and created for middle-class home buyers, Builder’s Concept Home 2011 lives comfortably on a modest footprint and is super efficient in its resource consumption. So efficient, in fact, that it produces as much energy as it uses. Yep. It’s net zero.

Look behind the walls, under the slab, and up in the attic of this house, and you’ll find some serious building muscle and green technology. At the same time, its refined spaces are visions of serenity and light. This is possible because the science and systems that power the house are mostly transparent, allowing the design to take center stage.

To prove this appealing combination possible, we turned to one of the nation’s premier home builders, KB Home, and its partner, style icon Martha Stewart, to craft a residence that has all the elegance of a larger luxury estate, minus the steep utility bills, expensive upkeep, superfluous rooms, and unattainable mortgage.

And so, we present The KB Home GreenHouse: An Idea Home Created With Martha Stewart. Evidence, we hope, that even a traditional house in a traditional subdivision can practice sustainability. That builders can build smaller, more energy-efficient homes for average buyers and still turn a profit. And that Martha’s legendary green thumb applies to more than her garden.

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