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While the Infrastructure Imperative Conference has a focus on large infrastructure projects—how to specify, manage, and deliver these big capital jobs—attendees with any role in the construction industry will learn a great deal about improving design and construction now and in the future. Attendees will learn how to leverage the newest innovations to make the construction process smoother and more efficient and build the kind of quality structures at the reasonable price that the public and the owner demands.

Here are a few specific topics that will be covered:

  • Use of blockchain in construction
  • Design-build versus integrated project delivery
  • Standard systems to increase productivity
  • Quality-based selection
  • Meeting the specification for a 100-year service life
  • How communities can withstand natural disasters
  • How housing growth relates to commercial and infrastructure construction

The program for our Infrastructure Imperative Conference is set, and it’s an impressive group of talented people and important topics that you won’t want to miss. Sessions cover streamlining project delivery, increasing productivity, and increasing structural quality and resiliency. The lead of each of these sessions, respectively, is Anne Ellis, Gregg Schoppman, and Jacques Marchand.

The all-star team of presenters includes:

  • Tom Smith, executive director of the American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Anne Ellis, a construction industry consultant and former project manager with AECOM
  • Jacques Marchand, president of SIMCO and internationally recognized expert in durability
  • Gregg Schoppman, principal with FMI specialized in productivity and project management
  • Leah Pilconis, senior environmental counsel, Associated General Contractors of America
  • Ryan Colker, presidential advisor on resilient communities for the National Institute of Building Sciences
  • Greg Sauter, founder of Smart City Works, a business actuator and accelerator

For further information and to learn more about the speaking team, click here.

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