Female architects earned 80.3 percent of what male architects earned in 2013, according to a new table from the U.S. Census Bureau. The information on architecture was part of a larger table, released to tie in with Women's History Month, detailing the income gap between the sexes across hundreds of industries. The data comes from the bureau's most recent American Community Survey results.

In 2013, the bureau estimates that there were 145,439 full-time, year-round architects in the country. Just over 31,000 of that 145,000 are women, which calculates to 21.4 percent of the architects in the country. This is a well-documented disparity, and one that people like Rosa Sheng, AIA, of The Missing 32% Project are trying to change.

Overall, the median earnings for architects was $71,305 in 2013, which is well above the $42,498 median earnings for all full-time, year-round civilian workers 16 years and older across the country. The median income for male architects, however, was roughly $15,000 more than for female architects. Said another way, women architects earned 80.3 percent of what male architects earned, which is only slightly better than that same figure nationwide. Female full time workers overall earned 78.8 percent of what their male counterparts earned.

Chart: Maggie Goldstone; Source: Table of 2013 American Community Survey estimates, U.S. Census Bureau