Andrews University
School of Architecture
Berrien Springs, Mich.

B.S. Architectural Studies, B.S. Arch., M.ARCH.

One of only two NAAB-accredited programs in a faith-based, Protestant university, Andrews’ School of Architecture emphasizes vernacular and classical traditions as well as Christian service: Its students are helping to build a health center in Peru, schools in the Congo, and other projects around the world. The Urban Design Studio received the Congress for New Urbanism’s Charter Award for Excellence three years in a row for its work with communities in Mississippi and Indiana.

Undergraduate Admissions: Avg. ACT: 24.3 / Min.: 19; Avg. GPA: 3.29 / Min.: 2.32; Applied: 116; Accepted: 64; Enrolled: 23
Undergraduate Demographics: Minority: 53%; Female: 39%; International: 13%; Financial aid: 100%
Graduate Admissions: GRE: not required; Avg. GPA: 3.14 / Min. GPA: 2.81; Applied: 19; Accepted: 14; Enrolled: 14
Student/Faculty Ratio: 11:1
Tuition: Undergraduate, $27,530; Graduate, $804 per credit hour

University of Miami
School of Architecture

B.ARCH., B.ARCH./MBA, B.S.A.E./M.ARCH., M.ARCH., Master of Urban Design, Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism

It’s no surprise that, under dean Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk—one of the founders of New Urbanism—Miami has emerged as the nation’s best-known center for study and research along New Urbanist lines. One instructor praised the “symbiotic relationship” between architecture and urbanism at the school. But faculty members we surveyed pointed to more: a commitment to drawing as a form of research; students who develop versatile skills; and international study. New interdisciplinary degrees have a business/development bent.

Undergraduate Admissions: Avg. SAT: 1220; Avg. ACT: 26; Applied: 493; Accepted: 197; Enrolled: 45
Undergraduate Demographics: Female: 46%; International: 15%; Financial aid: 81%
Graduate Admissions: Avg. GRE: 1150; Applied: 150; Accepted: 100; Enrolled: 42
Student/Faculty Ratio: 10:1
Tuition: Undergraduate, $36,188; Graduate, $1,480 per credit hour

University of Notre Dame
School of Architecture
Notre Dame, Ind.

B.ARCH., M.ARCH., Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism

When it comes to the study of classical architecture, Notre Dame is the ne plus ultra. Junior year in Rome is more than an attractive option for B. Arch. students—it’s required, so they can learn from the precedents of Bernini and Palladio firsthand. (Graduate students spend one semester in Rome.) And don’t think that graduates are equipped only for 17th-century practice: The program synthesizes new technology with traditional principles, as evidenced by a high-rise design studio that focuses on downtown Chicago.

Undergraduate Admissions: Avg. SAT: 1344; Avg. ACT: 32.6; Applied: 445; Accepted: 95; Enrolled: 53
Undergraduate Demographics: Minority: 14%; Female: 51%; International: 7%; Financial aid: 72% 
Graduate Admissions: Avg. GRE: 1187; Avg. GPA: 3.53; Applied: 59; Accepted: 16; Enrolled: 16
Student/Faculty Ratio: 14:1
Tuition: Undergraduate, $38,480; Graduate, $38,335