This story was originally published in Architectural Lighting.

Courtesy Lam Partners

Cambridge, Mass.-based Lam Partners has announced that Pittsburgh's Studioi has joined with them. Studioi was founded in 2003 by principal Steve Iski, and has established “its reputation and portfolio by creating luminous environments that enhance people’s experiences with architecture, through the careful integration of lighting.” Studioi is best known for the daylighting and lighting design of the Tower at PNC Plaza in Pittsburgh.

The press statement noted, “Our shared design philosophies and the similarity of our portfolios will lead to a seamless blending of both studios. Existing and new clients alike will benefit from our combined resources and expertise, our dedication to design excellence, and a shared strategy to use light to enhance places for people to work, live and play. Studioi’s impressive portfolio and dedicated service to local and regional clients will remain strong, while enhancing the culture and capabilities of Lam Partners.”

In the new firm configuration, Iski is now a Principal of Lam Partners and will serve as the director of the Pittsburgh office. Glenn Heinmiller will be the Cambridge director, with Paul Zaferiou continuing as president and Keith Yancey continuing as vice president.

Additionally, the firm has announced that Justin Brown, James Perry, and Matt Latchford, have all been promoted to principals.

The press release went on to say, “Over the past 56 years, Lam Partners has been at the forefront of architectural lighting, daylighting design, and now 3D parametric modeling, using lighting to artfully realize the vision of our clients. Weaving lighting into the fabric of architecture and urban environments has always been, and will always be, the mission of our combined firm.”

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