When researching a story on modern prefab (coming soon, in the Jan.-Feb. 2012 issue of residential architect) I spoke with so many interesting and intelligent people. I didn’t have anywhere close to enough room in the story to use all the great quotes I accumulated—so I’ve assembled just a few for you here.

"When I first started in 2002, nobody knew what a prefab was. Now they understand. Maybe they don’t understand the difference between a kit of parts and modular, but they know what prefab is."—Rocio Romero (LV Series Homes)

"I think a lot of architects don’t understand that prefab is harder on an office than a typical project. It can be very time-intensive and a different way of doing things. After you do it for a while, it makes a lot of sense."—Geoffrey Warner, Alchemy Architects (weeHouse)

"We’re not changing the language. It’s really, really hard to change the language. We’re still using the two-by-four."—Ted Flato, FAIA, Lake|Flato Architects (Lake|Flato Porch House)

Stay tuned for the full story.—m.d.