This story was originally published in Builder.

In 2016, Australia-based Fastbrick Robotics engineered a robotic worker that can build a standard brick home in just 1-3 days.

The Hadrian X is capable of laying 1,000 bricks per hour over a 100-foot arm from a single position on the jobsite, doing the work of an entire construction crew in a dramatically short time period.

So far, the machine has only built prototyped homes within Fastbrick's controlled factory. You can watch the Hadrian X in action here, and read more about its building technology in our previous coverage of the robot.

It will now attempt its first outdoor build in an uncontrolled environment in the yard behind Fastbrick’s facility, with plans for a three bedroom, two bathroom home.

“The house design will be a little different this time, with a few more internal walls to construct and a higher level of difficulty, and after completion of the structure we will conduct some finishing work to trial different renders, veneers, wall linings, roof ties and so forth,” says Mark Pivac, Chief Technical Officer at Fastbrick in a blog post.

Pivac adds that for this build, the goal isn’t speed.

“We’re looking to gather as much intel as possible on the performance of each module and further opportunities for improvement. This may involve taking the Hadrian X offline from time to time to implement some engineering changes, but we anticipate having the build done in the next month,” he says.

The company has set up cameras to capture the progress, and you can follow along through updates on Fastbrick’s blog.

This story was originally published in Builder.