TED Speaker Kamal Meattle's vision to "reshape commercial building in India using principles of green architecture and sustainable upkeep" has been realized in part by the Paharpur Business Centre and Software Incubator Park (PBC-STIP) he started in 1990, which provides office space for tech companies and increases awareness of environmental health by publishing the PBC-STIP's air quality index everyday, and tracking its compliance to the principles of the UN Global Compact. 

At the time of this TED talk in 2009, Meattle was in the planning stages of developing a larger version of PBC-STIP called GreenSpaces, with the goal of setting an example for low-cost, low-energy office life in the bustling business environment of New Delhi. GreenSpaces was completed in 2012, and is a 1.75 million square feet LEED© certified ‘Super’ Platinum Green Building and approved SEZ Information Technology Park.

In this video however, Meattle talks about a simple way to improve air quality--adding the right plants to an environment can literally grown all the fresh air you need. 

With the help of IIT, TERI, and learnings from NASA, we discovered that there are three basic green plants, common green plants, with which we can grow all the fresh air we need indoors to keep us healthy. We've also found that you can reduce the fresh air requirements into the building, while maintaining industry indoor air-quality standards.

Meattle focuses on how three plants (Areca palm, Monther-in-Law's Tongue, and money plant) can improve air quality and increase human productivity in this video: