The House of Music Area in Aalborg, Denmark
Courtesy LUCI and City.People.Light The House of Music Area in Aalborg, Denmark

The 14th City.People.Light Awards were presented on Nov. 4 in Seoul, South Korea, during the LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) Annual General Meeting, which took place Nov. 2 to 6. Five cities, from a group of 30 entries, were acknowledged for their urban lighting projects. First Prize went to Aalborg, Denmark; Second Prize was awarded to Seoul, South Korea; Third Prize was made to Emmen, the Netherlands; two Special Mentions were given, one to the city of Lyon, France, and the other to Busan, South Korea.

The City.People.Light program was established in 2003 by LUCI and Philips to recognize the work of municipalities as they implement lighting strategies that address the unique aspects of urban environments to create sustainable and livable cities. Since the program was initiated, more than 70 cities have been recognized for their outdoor lighting programs.

This year’s first prize winner, the city Aalborg, Denmark, was recognized for its House of Music Area, an “urban regeneration” project that is transforming the city’s waterfront from an industrial area into a university and cultural hub. Nordic lighting firm, ÅF Lighting, is the lighting designer behind the project. As noted in the press release, “The design embraced the local heritage of the site and used stakeholder analysis to ensure the space was not only attractive, but also inviting to local residents, students, and visitors to the city.” C.F. Møller, the project’s landscape architect said in a prepared statement, “In the new space, lighting intertwines with the natural backdrop of the waterfront creating a unique landscape throughout the day and even at night. The space is adaptive and dynamic ensuring the perfect environment is created no matter the event, exhibition or season. This is achieved through tailored lighting solutions.”

The Gyeongui Line Forest Walkway in Seoul, South Korea
Courtesy LUCI and City.People.Light The Gyeongui Line Forest Walkway in Seoul, South Korea

Second Prize went to the Gyeongui Line Forest Walkway lighting design project in Seoul, South Korea by lighting firm Urban Lighting Design Partnership. In 2005, the city converted its railway to an underground format and the area around the once above-grade rail lines became neglected and experienced “…high crime rates and pollution levels.” According to the press release, the project “…revitalized this area by utilizing light to create a natural and comfortable space for local residents. The lighting was designed to minimize light pollution at night for local residents while creating a safe walkway for passersby throughout the day. The space has now been reborn as a popular city location with local resident satisfaction exceeding 80 percent.”

Emmen City Center Renovation Project
Courtesy LUCI and City.People.Light Emmen City Center Renovation Project

The third prize was awarded to the city of Emmen, the Netherlands for its City Center Renovation Project. The lighting concept was conceived by lighting designer Titia Ex and Studio DL. Originally started in 2003, the project’s goal has been “…to boost economic development, generate employment and strengthen the international position of Emmen.” The project incorporates lighting “…in attractions across the city emphasizing major landmarks such as the Marktplein (Market Square) and the Raadhuisplein (Town Hall Square).” Another key feature of the project is a series of art installations incorporated with streetlighting along the Hondsrugweg, one of the city’s busiest through fares.

“The City.People.Light award participates in making cities within LUCI and beyond progress towards a better use of light, leading to a better quality of life for their citizens.” said LUCI President Mary-Ann Schreurs, Vice-Mayor of Innovation and Design, Culture and Sustainability at the City of Eindhoven.

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