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Courtesy Acuity Brands and LocusLabs LocusMaps software design by LocusLabs

The following is a Nov. 25, 2019, press release announcing that Acuity Brands has acquired the Oakland, Calif.based navigation software company LocusLabs.

Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) announced today it has acquired LocusLabs, Inc., a leading indoor mapping and location platform. The LocusLabs software platform supports navigation applications (apps) used on mobile devices, web browsers and digital displays in airports, event centers, multi-floor office buildings and campuses. Visitors employing LocusLabs’ software can easily search, explore and navigate large, complex indoor spaces.

LocusLabs’ proprietary reality-capture tools and rendering processes produce a highly detailed 3D map of the interior of a large venue in a matter of days. In turn, LocusLabs Venue Management System software allows venue managers to populate and maintain 3D maps with thousands of places, products and other points of interest, and to provide integration of live data streams, such as security wait times. The combination of LocusLabs technology with the Atrius® IoT platform from Acuity Brands will provide venues with an indoor positioning system that can be rapidly deployed and easily maintained, enabling visitor and employee wayfinding, asset tracking and business analytics.

Courtesy Acuity Brands and LocusLabs LocusLabs logo

“We are thrilled LocusLabs is a member of the Acuity Brands technology portfolio,” said Audwin Cash, Acuity Brands Lighting Senior Vice President, Atrius Enterprise Solutions. “LocusLabs has the platform and tools that enable airline, airport and smart workplace applications to deploy location-aware technologies to help people find their way, to assist operators in management of their critical assets and to provide them with tools to support this technology. We are excited to demonstrate to our customers how the LocusLabs solution enhanced with our Atrius services can transform navigating indoor experiences.”

“Since day one, our mission has been to provide global venues, enterprises and companies a digital platform to communicate, share and manage all information about their physical space,” said Campbell Kennedy, CEO & Founder of LocusLabs, Inc. “LocusLabs aims to help people find anything they are looking for inside large complex spaces, by providing the most information-rich maps and indoor location experience in the world. Now, as part of the Acuity Brands solution, we will be able to greatly amplify the value and extent of our offering.”

The acquisition is not expected to materially impact the Acuity Brands’ fiscal 2020 consolidated financial performance. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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