Peter Ngai
Peter Ngai

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has awarded Peter Ngai, Vice President-Technology at Acuity Brands, has received the Society’s Medal “…in recognition of meritorious technical achievement for furthering the profession, art or knowledge of illuminating engineering.” Ngai received the award at the IES 2016 National Convention held Oct. 23 to 25 in Orlando, Fla.

Ngai started his lighting career in the 1970s working for Peerless, now an Acuity Brands company. His research in fluorescent lighting pushed the technology from T12 to T8 lamps in the 1980s and then from T8 to T5 lamps in the 1990s. His research and technical explorations for product development are numerous. As the press release notes, “He is one of the first lighting engineers to implement computer visualization graphics; promote and develop optics for new lamp technologies; research overhead glare; and, develop methods for near-field photometry and the photometry of UV luminaires. He has also pioneered the progression of OLED technology and the promotion of lighting quality.”

During his 40-plus year career in lighting, Ngai has authored 30 technical papers; received 90 patents (of which more than 40 have focused on luminaire design); presented at numerous lighting and technology conferences around the world; and received four awards from Lightfair in recognition of outstanding luminaire design. He has also been a key member of research and development teams at national research institutions including: Cornell University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of California at Berkeley, and Harvard University.

“Peter has contributed richly to the technological advancement of lighting design and performance,” said Acuity Brands Lighting SVP, Engineering, Rick Earlywine. “His pioneering vision of what lighting can become, especially now with OLED technology, continues to make a mark in the industry and reflects how he is both a talented innovator and technical mentor in the lighting profession.”

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