We admit that $30 is a lot to pay for a light bulb, but the Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer, low-energy light bulb. Unlike the typical designer fluorescent fixture with tight swirls, this one has a more fluid form, but it will still save your buyers up to 80% on energy bills. www.plumen.com.
Plumen Plumen's first Plumen 001 bulb

Almost a decade after its launch by London-based design studio Hulger, the lighting manufacturer Plumen has announced a change in mission. The company, which aimed to popularize low energy lighting with the release of its iconic, award-winning Plumen 001 compact fluorescent lamp in 2010, will shift its focus to "promoting the health and environmental benefits of smart lighting," according to a press release from the company.

Plumen The Plumen Hive

After developing a range of solid-state lighting designs, namely the Plumen 003 and Plumen 001 LED, Plumen believes it has helped grow LEDs' share in the lighting market from 10 percent to a forecasted 80 percent by 2020. As a result, Plumen considers its founding mission, "the world converting to LED," complete.

Moving forward, Plumen will explore smart lighting from two main approaches: the first underscoring the relationship between lighting and human well-being, and the second investigating how smart lighting can further reduce energy consumption.

To finance the shift, Plumen's co-founders Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus have placed the company on the market and moved to a "manufacture to order" model. While some stock remains on Plumen's website, Plumen's team has encouraged commercial and residential customers to place orders as soon as possible "to avoid disappointment."