A new free mobile app will enable real estate professionals to view and analyze Energy Star scores while on the go.

This first-of-its-kind Energy App from New York City-based consulting firm CodeGreen Solutions enables easy search and comparison for thousands of buildings throughout the country. New Energy Star disclosure requirements in cities such as New York, Seattle, and San Francisco have increased the importance of keeping track of efficiency scores, says CodeGreen director Patricia Lee.
“We developed the CodeGreen Energy App to promote transparency of energy performance in buildings, making energy info accessible and meaningful for all levels of users – from a concerned citizen to an interested tenant, broker, building manager or building engineer,” she says.
The new app relies on proprietary algorithms to compare energy use for similar type buildings. In addition to allowing users to adjust average comparison groups by size, age, and building types, the application offers other features that will allow users to:
--See if a building is compliant with new energy efficiency laws.
--Understand new energy efficiency laws and when buildings are due to comply.
--Share building performance stats on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Click here for more information or to download the free app.