image via Fast Company
image via Fast Company

Do you think you look better in a certain kind of lighting? Plumen, the award-winning LED lighting company, has released a product they claim will make those bathed in its light more beautiful while still saving energy.

The Plumen 003 aims to create a certain ambiance without sacrificing functionality, and seeks to capture the glow of traditional incandescent bulbs while only using 6.5 watts. The light wants to bring the candlelit aura together with the function of an LED light.

"It's hard to let go of incandescents because there’s something burning inside. There’s something really beautiful about that. Not just in the way you see it, but it’s romantic," says Nicholas Roope, Plumen's creative director. "It makes people look beautiful. The way the light dances, it masks something but brings out qualities that a brighter light takes away."

The designers opted to use metal's reflective qualities to create the glow. The gold-tinted shades are held together with acrylic, which allows light to filter through the structure, creating a soft, warm glow. The acrylic both reflects light and secures the metal parts of the bulb's structure—and because it is transparent, there are no shadows on the core. "When you come up close, it looks like it’s hovering on air." Roope says. But these anodized petals only filter some of the light outward. The rest of the light beams downward for more concentrated illumination. This, Roope says, is the kind of lighting that's ideal for a bar, restaurant, or private dining table, so you can actually see your food and drink while enjoying a warm atmosphere. The same goes for a reading or bedside table light.

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