ECCO DESIGN RIBBON LAMP The Ribbon Lamp tasklight from ECCO Design uses cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL), which offers both dimming and color-changing capabilities. It incorporates DynamicLux CC technology, normally used to backlight flat-screen TVs, to increase the lamp life to approximately 15,000 hours. The luminaire's arm extends and folds to offer direct light or soft ambient light, while a four-way control pad on the base adjusts lighting by brightness and by color warmth.

LIGHTING SCIENCE GROUP A19 LED REPLACEMENT LAMP Lighting Science Group's latest offering will be the first LED lamp available in the popular A19 shape, according to the manufacturer. Using only 7.5W, the LED replacement lamp provides light output sufficient for everyday tasks, and can be used in standard incandescent and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) sockets. The dimmable A19 LED is approximately 20 percent more efficient than comparable CFL lamps, and reportedly lasts 20 times longer than incandescent lamps (and six times longer than CFLs). This lamp is the first in a series of LED replacement A-lamps due to market by Q3 2009.

LITECONTROL VC1 LENS The VC1 lens, the first VC Optic offering from Litecontrol, is available in the company's new Arcos M-5, Latitude-L, and Latitude-C pendant fixtures. The lens pairs optical film, which uses tiny microlens structures to direct and shape transmitted light, with a clear grooved lens. According to the company, this diffusion produces uniform brightness with controlled luminances, obscured lamp images, and a controlled intensity distribution. The grooved lines simply offer refined visual interest. Diffusing light throughout the bulk of the material, the film itself can be handled without protective equipment.

BOCCI 28 Bocci's latest creation is “28,” a blown-glass pendant, which can be arranged in groups of seven or 19 for a luminous bouquet. Each of the clear glass globes contains an inner opaque sphere, which creates a striking contrast and houses a 12V 20W halogen/xenon or 12V 0.25W LED lamp. The globes are designed to be clustered in hexagonal shapes, but can also be adjusted to create different patterns to suit the interior's needs. Available in clear, white, or frosted glass. Additional colors may be released by the end of the year.

TARGETTI MAGMA Targetti's new Magma directional projectors offer supertight beam focus. Principally used for tracklighting (120V two-circuit), a canopy mount is also available. Lamp options include 39W or 70W T6 ceramic metal halide, 39W or 70W MR111 ceramic discharge with reflector, or 100W AR111 halogen. Available with four different specular reflector options—15-, 30-, 60-, or 100-degrees—the twist-and-lock mechanism enables toolless relamping. Three finishes are available: white, black, and gray.