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Contract Roller Manual and Motorized Shades, Lutron • This new line of wired, wireless, or manual roller shades for commercial applications help to reduce glare, and solar heat gain. The motorized shades can be coordinated with a Lutron lighting control system, or controlled by hand-held or wall-mounted Lutron keypads. The manual roller shade is offered in sizes up to 10’ wide and up to 15’ tall; the motorized version is available in sizes up to 12’ wide and up to 20’ tall. All the shades are manufactured with aluminum tubes to prevent possible rust stains on the fabric. Shades come in a host of dual-sided, blackout, sustainable, or high-performance fabrics. •

Solarfective Teleshades, Legrand Solarfective Teleshades by Legrand are the company’s latest product offering as it expands its commercial shading product solutions. The new shades debuted this past spring during Lightfair 2017. Solarfective Teleshades are a single-unit system and come in single or dual, and motorized or manual roller shades. The proprietary system utilizes a fingertip-raising, which allows users to adjust the shades up or down, easily. The motorized shades can be programmed for individual or group control, and are now fully integrated with the Wattstopper architectural dimming platform. The shades also feature a compression bracket for easier and quicker installation, and a counterbalance spring clutch system that allow for the easy replacement of the clutch or chain. The shades are offered in a variety of fabric options depending on the model. •


SP4 Fiber Optic Daylighting System, Parans Designed to carry provide daylight to building interiors that do not have easy access to natural light, the Parans SP4 Fiber Optic Daylighting System is the company’s fourth generation product iteration of this technology. The system can carry natural light–vertically and horizontally–up to 300 feet into a building through three different Parans Solar Luminaires options: the Parans L1 Luminaire, the Parans L2 Hybrid, or Parans L3 Spotlight. The SP4 is a modular system that mounts on rooftops or façades. It follows the sun’s trajectory throughout the day and transports the light it gathers to the fixtures through glass fiber optic cables. (Cable length can be customized.) The Parans SP4 system delivers a lumen output range of 3,600 to 26,000 lumens, depending on the number of collectors needed and their size (light collectors can have from four to 20 light points per each array). IR and UV radiation are filtered out to reduce the risk of overheating. In the United States, Parans is distributed by Wasco Skylights (


Atmos, Innerscene • This virtual skylight simulates natural light and the process of sunrise to sunset through a simulated 3D sun and moon. The skylight is available in a standard size–24.7” wide by 41” long–but can also be specified in custom dimensions by attaching multiple Atmos arrays. The skylight features a slim 8.7” profile to allow for installation in ceilings that are less than 12” deep. Installation options include: drop ceiling, wall, pendant, or flat or pitched ceiling. The skylight uses 180W and provides a sun illuminance of less than 2,500 lux at 6’, a sky brightness of 4,800 lumens, and a moon brightness or 0.3 lux. Control and dimming options include DMX512, DALI, and zero-to-10V. •

Sun Tunnel Skylights, Velux • Velux’s Sun Tunnel Skylights are available in either flexible or rigid models and accommodate various roof pitches. The 10” and 14” models are geared toward consumers, while the 22” model is for commercial applications. The 22” diameter high profile TCC (curb-mounted) and TCG (self-flashed) skylights are now available with the company’s proprietary SunCurve System, which utilizes redirecting angles in the impact-resistant dome to optimize sunlight from every direction throughout the day. The skylights feature a Flexi-Loc assembly system that uses clips instead of screws for easy installation. The Sun Tunnels are suitable for a range of zero- to 60-degree roof pitches with a 16” upper collar. Diffuser options include: frosted, prismatic, and Fresnel. •

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