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Ledur-TW, Nora Lighting
Suitable for residential and commercial applications, Nora Lighting's Ledur-TW is an undercabinet linear fixture newly enabled with a tunable white option. Dimmable and linkable, the fixture comes with a three-position switch for changing color temperature, and an integrated on–off rocker switch. Measuring 3.25" wide and 1" deep, the fixture is offered in lengths of 11.25", 18.25", 22.25", and 32.75". It is available in 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K color temperatures, with a CRI exceeding 90, and a light output of 380 lumens per foot. The edge-lit placement of the LEDs aims to eliminate diode images and offer a uniform, hot spot–free light reflectance. Offered with stab-in connectors and captive screws for ease of installation. Available in dark bronze and white finishes.

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