LightPlane Panels in ViviGraphix Spectra glass with custom graphic interlayer and Standard finish at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri
LightPlane Panels in ViviGraphix Spectra glass with custom graphic interlayer and Standard finish at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri


The use of artwork to enhance public spaces is on the rise. Increasingly central to the look and feel of a space, art can set the tone for a brand experience. It can impart a sense of culture or community. And it can create welcoming environments that are more human than institutional. From realistic photography to abstract digital graphics, the right art in the right place can have a positive impact on a building’s visitors, tenants and staff.

The Challenge: Functional Artwork

More than just pictures on a wall, though, today’s artwork must often fill practical roles as well. It may need to provide illumination. Offer directional assistance. And/or speak to other project-specific concerns. Of increasingly strong appeal: artwork that ties into a building’s architecture, addresses multiple functions simultaneously, and creates a unique, memorable experience within a space—all within budget.

As a manufacturer of wall cladding systems and architectural glass, our own challenge became clear as we worked with clients worldwide: Find a way to help architects and designers bring functional artwork into interior spaces. Give them unhindered creative freedom. And spare them the hassle and cost of building custom light wells or light boxes.

Fortunately, we saw an opportunity that was a logical extension of our existing product lines.

A Creative Solution: LightPlane Panels with VividGlass

LightPlane Panels with VividGlass offer a high-performance, high-design way to bring functional artwork into public spaces—creatively, aesthetically, and practically.

LightPlane Panels are engineered, edge-lit LED panels that provide seamless illumination of walls, columns, elevator interiors, and more. Each panel is manufactured with a size-specific algorithm to ensure the look of even, natural light, and eliminate hot spots, haloes or dark areas.

Easily configured to project-specific needs, LightPlane Panels combine the performance of Cree® LEDs, a framing system that integrates with our wall cladding systems, and VividGlass—our proprietary line of architectural glass and the source of LightPlane’s extensive visual vocabulary.

VividGlass is comprised of graphic interlayers laminated between lites of glass. Different interlayer options—i.e., the art in the LightPlane Panels—offer astounding artistic reach. Choose from standard colors and patterns, opt for stunning high-resolution photography; modify these to create a custom look; or incorporate your own original artwork, branding elements, or graphics. With VividGlass, you can let your imagination be your guide.

Beautiful End Results

LightPlane Panels with VividGlass are a beautiful way to transform public spaces. They can be specified as standalone panels in sizes up to 60" x 120” and integrate with our LEVELe Wall Cladding, Column and Elevator Interior Systems.

Our customers have embraced the possibilities. LightPlane Panels with VividGlass stand out beautifully in feature wall applications. They tell compelling brand stories. They provide ambient or task-specific illumination, delineate space, and serve as wayfinding systems. They’ve even been used as brightly lit “windows” in settings without natural light.

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