The industry’s first one-piece, 1.0-gpf, high-efficiency toilet with pressure assist technology, the San Raphael Pressure Lite uses compressed air to propel water for strong flushing power. According to the firm, the toilet, which carries the EPA WaterSense label, can save a household of four 7,000 to 10,000 gallons of water a year versus a standard 1.6-gpf model. The unit has Comfort Height seating and an elongated bowl. 800.456.4537. www.kohler.com.

Ready Solar.

A prefab, modular solar electric system with frame mounting, Solar in a Box is sold off the shelf for an alternative to more expensive, custom photovoltaic systems. It comes with all components for easy installation with no adjustments needed, the company says, and includes Web-based monitoring. The pre-assembled system can be customized and is compatible with any roof surface. 877.817.3239. www.readysolar.com.

Eagle Roofing.

The Cool Roof Tile line has earned a mark from the Cool Roof Rating Council, which tests for solar reflectance and thermal emittance. The roofing comes in 21 color options, ranging from white on white to terra-cotta to gray blends, and in standard-weight and lightweight tile, flat, and curved profiles. 909.355.7000. www.eagleroofing.com.


IceStone surfaces are made with 100% recycled glass in a cement matrix. According to the firm, the product is the first and only durable surface to receive McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry’s Cradle to Cradle certification. Suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor uses, IceStone is strong and resists heat and scratches, the company says. Twenty-seven standard colors are available. 718.624.4900. www.icestone.biz.


The Energy Star–rated Evolution 800 Series SHE 98 dishwasher is rated at 190 kwh per year and has a 42-dBA sound level. The unit features the EcoSense Water Management System, which examines soil level in the water and customizes the wash cycle with 48 options, as well as flow-through water heating and energy-saving condensation drying. Other details include space for 14 place settings, the adjustable Rackmatic system for larger dishes, a stainless steel tub, a flush control panel, and three layers of insulation. 800.944.2904. www.boschappliances.com.

North Slope Sustainable Wood.

Treadlight flooring and trim products are made from small-diameter Western larch, using stunted trees from overcrowded forest restoration projects in Montana and the Northern Rockies, a process that leaves the larger and healthier trees behind to thrive, the company says. The wood features tight growth rings, a honey-and-cinnamon grain, and dark pinhole knots. The flooring is ¾-inch thick and 3, 4, or 5 inches wide. The trim comes in various widths with an eased edge; custom profiles are available, as well as wainscoting, ceiling panels, and crown molding. 406.327.1123. www.northslopewood.com.


Addressing homeowners’ desire for environmentally friendly products, Maxxon now has green formulations for its underlayment materials. The GreenGuard-certified, low-emissions products contribute minimal levels of pollutants to indoor environments, the maker says. The line includes Gyp-Crete 2000, Therma-Floor, Rapid Floor Plus, and Rapid Radiant. 800.356.7887. www.maxxon.com.

Cooper Lighting.

Halo dimmable, compact fluorescent downlights are Energy Star–rated, and the 26- and 32-watt housings can dim from 15% to 100%. Halo lights meet California’s Title 24 energy-efficiency standards and include 5- and 6-inch new-construction and retrofit housings. 770.486.4800. www.haloltg.com.


The Duet Steam washer and dryer pair naturally steams out stains, wrinkles, and odors in minutes without pre-treating or chemicals, says the firm. Shown in Aspen green, the washer uses up to 73% less water and 77% less energy than conventional top-loaders, the maker says. 800.253.3977. www.insideadvantage.com.


EcoPower sensor faucets power themselves: The units’ chrome fittings make their own electricity when the flow of water spins their internal turbine; a lithium battery is a backup for periods of infrequent use. The three residential-design-friendly units include the modern Axiom, the contemporary Helix, and the traditional Fordham (shown). Their flow rate is 32% lower than the federal mandate. 800.350.8686. www.totousa.com.


Since the human eye can’t tell the difference between a light at 100% capacity and 85% capacity, Lutron has made the Skylark EcoDim dimmer, which limits light levels to a maximum of 90% capacity. The technology, which works with incandescent bulbs, reduces energy usage by 10% and doubles the life of the bulb, but without being noticeable to the homeowner, according to the manufacturer. The dimmer can dim lights down to 5% of capacity. 888.588.7661. www.lutron.com.


A new formulation eases application of Bayseal 1/2-pound spray polyurethane insulating foam, the maker says. It blows with water instead of fluorocarbon- or cyclopentane-based agents, making it more environmentally friendly. 800.221.3626. www.bsna.com.

Universal Forest Products.

ProWood Micro wood is treated with Osmose’s MicroPro, a preservative that recently earned Scientific Certification Systems’ Environmentally Preferable Product certification. MicroPro copper wood preservative doesn’t need organic solvents to dissolve its copper components, says the maker, instead using a micronizing technique that grinds particles to a size that lets them penetrate the wood as a solid; wood products treated with MicroPro release 90% to 99% less copper into water or soil. 800.598.9663. www.ufpi.com.

Stiebel Eltron.

Heating water as it flows through, the Tempra tankless, on-demand electric water heater eliminates the stand-by heat losses associated with tank systems and reduces water heating bills by 15% to 20%, says the firm. The compact unit’s microprocessor control allows exact temperature setting through a knob and a digital display. The heater has all copper piping and heating elements. 800.582.8423. www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com.


Stitched Recycled Leather Tiles are made with landfill-bound scraps of leather from BMW car seat manufacturers and other tanneries; the materials are shredded and rebound with natural rubber and acacia tree sap. The tiles are wear- and abrasion-resistant and are easy to install, the company says. 301.424.7717. www.ecodomo.com.


With the same profile as a traditional S tile, the Solar S Tile module needs no additional roof penetrations or flashings to install. The product was designed with water-shedding functionality in mind, the maker says. 800.482.0347. www.dricompanies.com.

Heat transfer.

The Phoenix solar water heater combines domestic hot-water storage with a 97% efficient, gas-fired backup in one unit. In addition, the unit features side tappings in the jacket that permit auxiliary connections to a hydro-air system for space heating. Made from stainless steel, the product incorporates a dedicated solar heat exchanger. 800.323.9651. www.htproducts.com.

Benjamin Moore.

Aura 100% acrylic interior paint exceeds the country’s strictest VOC regulatory requirements without compromising quality, says the maker. According to the company, the paint features the manufacturer’s ColorLock technology, which allows the paint to cover most surfaces in a single coat and never more than two coats, no matter the color, and provides for a smoother finish. The technology also eliminates color rub-off, says the firm. 800.344.0400. www.myaurapaints.com.


Designed to provide casual style and water-efficient features at an affordable price, lavatory faucets in the Lahara bath suite offer 1.5-gpm aerator flow and boast sleek lines, stark angles, and a high-arc spout. Faucet options include a single lavatory with optional 4-inch center escutcheon, a two-handle 4-inch centerset, a 4-inch mini widespread, or 6-inch to 16-inch widespread deck-mounts. The suite also includes Roman tub faucets, showerheads, and accessories. 800.345.3358. www.deltafaucet.com.

KlipBio Technologies.

EcoTop, a biocomposite surface material for countertops, tabletops, floors, and walls, is chic, durable, and environmentally friendly, the company says. It’s made of an FSC-certified 50/50 blend of bamboo fiber and recycled wood fiber salvaged from demolition sites, bound together by a water-based resin that is free of petroleum and VOC. 253.904.8608. www.kliptech.com.

Pinehall Brick.

RainPave permeable clay pavers allow water to filter down into the soil and dissipate rather than run off into storm drains. The pavers reduce the property’s impervious surface footprint and allow for a larger house footprint, the firm says. The rumbled pavers offer the look of traditional antique clay pavers. 800.334.8689. www.americaspremierpaver.com.


SolidStart Laminated Strand Lumber is available in lengths up to 64 feet. Made from thin, longer-length wood strands that are oriented parallel to the product’s length, the lumber can be used for headers and beams, wall studs, roof beams and rafters, truss chords, rim board, and stair stringers, says the maker. The product is SFI-certified, and more than 80% of the log is used in the final product. The remaining 20% of the log is used as fuel for the production process, the company says. 888.820.0325. www.lpcorp.com.

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