Two hand-knotted rugs from Milan-based rug company Cc-Tapis' Woven Watercolors collection by architect Steven Holl, FAIA, are on display at Hundred Mile furniture showroom in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

Courtesy Steven Holl Architects
Courtesy Steven Holl Architects

On view through Oct. 28, the exhibition also features materials and studies used in the design process, including watercolors, models, sculptural objects, and various rug samples.

Morton Feldman Carpet (2015)
Courtesy Steven Holl Architects Morton Feldman Carpet (2015)

The "Morton Feldman Carpet," a 7.5-foot by 9.8-foot rug designed in 2015, was inspired by late American composer Morton Feldman's musical scores. Made of Himalayan wool, the rug has approximately 125,000 knots per square meter (approximately 80.6 knots per square inch), and was originally designed as part of a nine-piece custom carpet collection for Steven Holl Architects' Lewis Arts Complex at Princeton University in New Jersey. According to a press release, the original carpet sits in a gathering space on the top floor of the university's Music Building.

Ex of In Carpet (2016)
Courtesy Steven Holl Architects Ex of In Carpet (2016)

Completed in 2016, the "Ex of In Carpet" is a result of a two-year research and experimental project that questioned "current clichés of architectural language and commercial practice," according to Holl's website. The carpet was originally designed for a experimental residential project in Rhinebeck, N.Y., called the "Ex of In House." Woven with the same dimensions as the "Morton Feldman Carpet," the same knot density, and material.

On view through Oct. 28 at Hundred Mile furniture showroom in Rhinebeck, N.Y.