Courtesy Grimshaw

On Nov. 14, Arup, Grimshaw, and Haley Sharpe Design (HSD) released renderings of the Oman Botanic Garden, which is set to be the largest botanical garden in the world. Spread across 1,037.8 acres, the massive structure will be composed of two domes that "mimic the natural temperature and humidity of the unique external environments," according an Arup press release. The Northern Biome will replicate habitats of the Al Hajar mountains, while the Southern Biome will replicate habitats of Oman's Dhofar region; both will be home to an array of endangered native fauna and flora. "The Oman Botanic Garden project set itself—and the entire design team—unique technical and cultural objectives, and aspirations," says Alisdair Hinshelwood, an HSD designer and director. "[Our firm] has relished working on a project where the botanical, landscape, and cultural heritage of Oman is being expressed through the detailed scientific research, technical design, and sheer creative enthusiasm of the entire team, client, and design alike." [Arup]

Courtesy Blaine Brownell

ICYMI: Blaine Brownell explores how material experimentation can succeed or fail through the lens of the ongoing exhibition "Designing Material Innovation" at the the California College of the Arts. [ARCHITECT]

Real estate firm Hines, with Diversified Real Estate Capital and Big Bay Realty, has announced it will be involved in the development of T3 Goose Island, Chicago's first timber office building since the 1800s. The 270,000-square-foot project will stand six stories tall and be designed by DLR Group and Michael Green Architecture. [Hines]

Researchers at the Imperial College of London along with 3D printing company MX3D and the Alan Turing Institute are creating the world's first 3D-printed steel bridge. Its expected completion will be in early 2018. [Imperial College London]

The U.S. Department of Energy has approved the presidential permit for the Northern Pass Transmission Line project, which will allow a 192-mile system, delivering up to 1,090 megawatts of hydropower, to cross the international border from Quebec, Canada and tie into the U.S. grid in Deerfield, N.H. [U.S. Department of Energy]

ICYMI: Lever Architecture's 12-story Framework Building was awarded $6 million for affordable housing units. The building, located in Portland, Ore., is on track to become the tallest mass timber project in the U.S. [ARCHITECT]

A group of researchers from Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., has developed a prototype for a double-sided fabric that is based on the same material as transparent, everyday kitchen wrap. The innovative technology can keep individuals warm or cold, depending which side of the fabric faces outward. [Stanford University]