Courtesy Vectorworks

Columbia, Md.–based software developer Vectorworks has announced the release of its 2018 BIM software. This latest version updates add-ons to its eponymous software, as well as its Architect, Spotlight, Landmark, Fundamentals, Designer, and Vision packages, and introduces Braceworks, "a structural load analysis add-on module targeted to designers and riggers working on temporary entertainment structures," according to the developer's press release. Updates to the BIM software also include the ability for users to review and work in multiple drawing views simultaneously, as well as direct model editing capabilities in section and elevation views. [ARCHITECT]

On Sept. 5, the International WELL Building Institute launched a new district-scale rating system called the WELL Community Standard. This recently introduced pilot system is aimed "exclusively on health and wellness that aims to set a new global benchmark for healthy communities," according to the institute's webpage. [International WELL Building Institute]

By modifying the distance between a single layer of gold nanaoparticles, a team of researchers from Imperial College London have developed a filter that can transition between a mirrored and transparent surface. [ARCHITECT]

NAARO courtesy TheVeryMany
NAARO courtesy TheVeryMany

Marc Fornes/Theverymany's latest permanent installation “Minima | Maxima” is constructed from aluminum of less than 0.25 inches thick. Located in the World Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, the piece seemingly defies traditional structural limitations. [ARCHITECT]

IKEA's external future-living lab Space10—in collaboration with designers Aleksander Wadas, Rafal Wroblewski, and Anna Stempniewicz, and bio-engineer Keenan Pinto—has created the Algae Dome, a 13-foot-tall "food-producing architecture pavilion" for growing microalgae—one of the world's fastest-growing photosynthetic organisms. [ARCHITECT]

Danish energy company DONG Energy claims it is set to build the world's largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea Project Two, off the coast of Yorkshire, England, which is expected to begin operations in 2022. [DONG Energy]

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