98. Post Furniture
Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif. / Ken Mori and Jenny Liang
As is the case with many American cities, the streets of Los Angeles are designed for cars and the pedestrian experience remains an afterthought. Hoping that improving the pedestrian experience might entice people out of their cars to “enjoy the cityscape and each other,” industrial designers Ken Mori and Jenny Liang created Post Furniture, a series of interventions that turn traffic signposts into urban furniture. SignBench appropriates the ubiquitous freeway sign, while SignChair is easily screwed onto any standard signpost. Espousing the belief that shaping one’s surroundings creates a sense of neighborhood ownership, Mori and Liang designed Post Furniture in such a way that anybody can easily replicate and deploy them in their own cities.

98_signchair right(600)

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