Uplift Tech Cabinet opened
Rachael Perry Uplift Tech Cabinet opened

Minimalism at its best looks and feels simple, concealing its true sophistication. The sleek, intuitive Uplift Tech Cabinet by Bristol, Pa.–based Robern, a Kohler company, strikes this balance. “It is just a medicine cabinet, but it’s the most beautiful medicine cabinet I’ve seen,” said juror Craig Curtis, FAIA.

An update to an existing product, the cabinet features an illuminated, upward sliding mirror, defogging, cantilevered glass shelving, tamper-resistant outlets, integrated USB ports, and several handle finishes, including chrome and matte black. It also offers up to three light sources: the perimeter band of dimmable LEDs, which emanate a warm 2700K glow; a night light along the bottom handle; and illumination for the cabinet interior that switches on when the mirror is lifted.

Uplift Tech Cabinet, closed
Rachael Perry Uplift Tech Cabinet, closed

The biggest technical challenge was the addition of electricity and lighting to the sliding mirror, says Robern director of new product development George Wahlgren: “We had to make it safe and still make the door feel effortless … even with the added weight of the electrical components. We added ball bearings to achieve a smooth motion regardless of where the user touches the handle.”

The 27-inch-tall unit becomes 47 inches tall when fully opened. The electrified cabinet measures 48 inches wide; compact, non-electrified versions with interior lighting are available in 24-, 30-, and 36-inch widths.

Thinking back to a recent multifamily housing project she worked on, juror Carrie Strickland, FAIA, mused, “I would swap out all the medicine cabinets, mirrors, and lights for this product in a heartbeat.”

Rachael Perry
Rachael Perry

Project Credits
Project: Uplift Tech Cabinet
Designer and Manufacturer: Robern, Bristol, Pa. . Jason Mort (lead engineer); James DeHope (electrical and compliance); Donna Morgan (project manager); Linda Yang (lead designer); George Wahlgren (director, new product development); Danielle Burkhardt (product manager)

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