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The World Towers, Mumbai, India
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

"The towers’ unique cloverleaf plans and varying tiers are a decisive response to the singular challenge of creating multiple residential towers on a dense site. Rising to 280 meters [920 feet], World One is the tallest building in India."

​Treasure Valley Community College - CTEC
Bob Pluckebaum ​Treasure Valley Community College - CTEC

Treasure Valley Community College Career Technical Education Center, Ontario, Ore.
Cushing Terrell

"The improvements include transparency and visibility to both the community and student with entry plazas, outdoor gardens, classroom, and display areas, student commons and breakout spaces, flexible labs and classrooms, tech-enriched environment with added daylight and views."

Cybernet's Japan Headquarter, Tokyo
Matteo Belfiore Architecture

"Inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture’s flexibility, the new Cybernet office is a modern space designed to promote employees’ well-being, encourage dialogue, and improve productivity."

VG Horse Club, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Drozdov & Partners

"All the Club’s buildings and structures have a prefabricated metal framework with wall and roof panels mainly used for industrial purposes. The combination of industrial materials and rough timber has become an amusing precedent."

Hale Mau'u
Matthew Millman Hale Mau'u

Hale Mau'u, Big Island, Hawai'i
Walker Warner Architects

"The 2.9-acre site had several innate qualities—such as its location at the end of a cul-de-sac and its long driveway approach—that allowed the team to create what architect Greg Warner refers to as 'an illusion of isolation.'"

Make the Road New York
TEN Arquitectos/Enrique Norten with ASA/Andrea Steele Make the Road New York

Make the Road New York, New York
Andrea Steele Architecture

"This internalized landscape steps up to create terraced seating and will serve as the town hall—hosting staff meetings, large member gatherings, community dinners, job fairs, and a wide range of activities supporting the organization’s mission."

Simon Menges

The Bryant, New York
David Chipperfield Architects

"The polished precast concrete slabs and columns of the exterior follow a tectonic grid composition lending the building a classical appearance and firmly asserting its place within the streetscape."

The souks (bazaars) of Israel informed the concept for The Street at the JCC—a thoroughfare connecting people to people and people to programs.
GBBN The souks (bazaars) of Israel informed the concept for The Street at the JCC—a thoroughfare connecting people to people and people to programs.

Jewish Community of Louisville, The Trager Family Jewish Community Center, Louisville, Ky.
GBBN Architects

"The building is organized around the core experiences at the center of the JCC’s mission: the Jewish Learning Center; fitness and aquatics; and social programming, such as a theater and cafe."

Gabe Border

Arizona State University Hayden Library Reinvention, Tempe, Ariz.
Ayers Saint Gross

In 2019, Baltimore-headquartered Ayers Saint Gross completed its renovation of Arizona State University's Hayden Library, transforming the space from a "warehouse of books into a place for people," according to a project description. The renovation reintegrates the building into the Arizona State campus with physical and visual design techniques, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainable building technologies that make use of the library's existing structure. The library, which won an AIA 2021 COTE Top Ten Award, was also recognized in the AIA/ALA 2021 Library Building Awards. You can see more winners of the Library Building Awards here, and read more about the 2021 AIA Honor Awards here.

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