ARCHITECT’s annual competition of architectural marvels is back, and this year we’ve changed our methodology. For the past two years, we've based our brackets off two categories of the American Institute of Architects’ Honor Awards—the 25-Year Award and the AIA Gold Medal. This year, we let you run the show. Based off site metrics, we've pitted the most popular projects from ARCHITECT’s Project Gallery for all of 2016. Now, you get to decide which project is most impressive of them all.

To play, compare the buildings we have matched against each other by clicking on the names in each interactive bracket and vote for the one you like the best. We’ll update everything each round, following along with the actual March Madness schedule. From Sweet Sixteen to Final Four to the Final, it's you who is picking the final winner.

So, how did we decide which projects would make the cut this year? We took the 32 most popular projects, by total page views, in our Project Gallery from Jan. 1, 2016, and Jan. 1, 2017. And to stay true to our "people's choice" theme, we included projects of any scope, but excluded any projects that were not completed. We then divvied the 32 projects up into four groups, and then in alternating brackets.

That was the easy part. Now you have the hard part: Determining which project will take home the title.

Update: voting for this round will close on March 16 at midnight, EST.

Sound off on your favorites on Twitter by using the hashtag #ArchMadness17.

Linear Cabin

Hog Pen Creek Residence

H3 House

Case Inlet Retreat

See Through House

United States Coast Guard Headquarters

The Wave House

Open House with Condensed Core

Newberg Residence

House XL

KODA House

Grow Box

Shelton Marshall Residence

L4 House

Rappahannock House

Kent State

White Walls

Enough House

Shokan House

Colorado Outward Bound Micro Cabins

Bait Ur Rouf Mosque

Island Residence


Stealth Building

Columbia University


Xixi Wetland Estate

Shanghai Natural History Museum

CCR1 Residence

Fenlon House

Gordon Parks Arts Hall

Independence Pass Residence