In order to create an open-air sculpture garden on a dense urban site, the architects remade the roof of an adjacent building and connected it to the existing museum via a glass-enclosed bridge with fantastic views of downtown San Francisco. A pavilion with full-height sliding glass doors opens onto the garden, while a 3,000-square-foot extension to an existing gallery—called the Overlook—cantilevers over the garden, providing interior gallery space with unobstructed views of the exterior landscaping and art.

Jury: “This is a model of how we can enrich the urban fabric via a pavilion rooftop and the safety of a cloistered area.”

Client: “This design was chosen for its elegant simplicity and the lack of competition it offered to the art to be displayed therein. The resultant space has very successfully accomplished just that. Employing the vision of the Jensen team was a priceless investment; watching them bring it along to fruition was a wonder to behold.”  —Joe Brennan, director of facilities, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art