Modular homes offer the opportunity to build with many predetermined sustainable features at a lower cost. Method Homes and Elemental Design have teamed up to create an impressive new line of prefab homes that capitalize on just that—sustainable, efficient, and affordable homes.

Each design is available for customization, but using designs that Method has built as part of the Make it Right Foundation and debuted at Dwell on Design this year, offers reduced construction time and the ability to keep projects to a projected cost. The plans are streamlined with sustainability upgrades so that each plan offers opportunities for energy savings.

The primary plan is just under 1,500 square-feet and includes two modules in the prefab design. The home was initially designed as part of the Ft. Peck Sustainable Village project that Method Homes is currently designing for. The flexibility of each design is critical, as it allows opportunities for home buyers to pick and choose what features are most important to them without going over budget, a downside more easily achieved with a non-prefab, fully custom home. 

Aside from the new line, Method has eight other sustainable designs ranging from bigger homes to small, net-zero cabins.

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