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Good morning, architects. And happy Election Day. If you haven't voted already, consider heading out and queuing up. If you have, congratulations: That sticker looks great on you. And if you still find yourself undecided about which presidential candidate should get your vote, consider the ARCHITECT series on the 2012 election. Start here, then read here and here, for two different outlooks from Jamelle Bouie and Philip A. Klein. And consider checking in with Bouie and Klein, who will no doubt tweet their fingers bloody today. If you're not sold on the merits of voting itself, consider this convincing Forbes story on how not voting serves as a drain on everyone else. Plus: free sticker! 

YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT. Are you familiar with the Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act of 1990? What a world! Jill Schneider explains what it means in an essay for the Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon. Now you can keep DJs from sampling your building!

TRAINING DAY. Not everyone got on board with Adam Davidson's lyrical essay about Amtrak and the economy for The New York Times Magazine this weekend. Next American City's Diana Lind responds at length here, sussing out the ways that the Amtrak line itself has contributed to the shoddy economic conditions observable from the Amtrak line throughout the Northeast corridor.

TECH HUB. WXY Architecture + Urban Design got the nod to design a master plan for the "Brooklyn Tech Triangle," a New York corridor stretching from Downtown Brooklyn through Brooklyn Navy Yard, Leigh Kamping-Carder reports. (A security booth designed by WXY for Brooklyn's MetroTech Center is pictured.)

...AND REMAINDERS. Brad Pitt takes up design... Tokyo Designers Week 2012 rethinks the movie theater... The Wall Street Journalprofiles young Chinese architect Zhu Jingxiang.