Ann Lui, AIA, and Craig Reschke, AIA, founders of Chicago-based Future Firm have some pretty good advice for emerging architects wanting to strike out on their own and establish a practice. Some of it seems straightforward—sleep now, make sure your relationship with your business partner is strong, establish a network of mentors. But the duo also offers a practical warning or two.

In the three years since founding Future Firm, Lui and Reschke have expanded their practice to six people (and a dog), experimenting with form and function in alternative art spaces, residential projects, and speculative community engagement proposals. ARCHITECT profiled the practice in its January Next Progressives department.

Craig Reschke and Ann Lui
Courtesy Future Firm Craig Reschke and Ann Lui

In this podcast episode, the duo describe their approach to design, explain the meaning of Future Firm, and banter about when they'll know they've "made it" (hint: it has to do with an elevator).

To learn more about Future Firm, read its Next Progressives profile. This podcast episode was produced by Katharine Keane, Lauren Honesty, and Daniel Tayag.