courtesy Schaum/Shieh The Transart Foundation by Rosalyne Shieh, founder of Shaum/Shieh

The following is a press release from the MacDowell Colony announcing 93 summer fellows.

The MacDowell Colony has awarded the equivalent of more than $1 million in fellowships to 93 artists from 25 states and seven countries. Fellows will arrive from places such as Chile, Egypt, and Germany, and Mississippi, Michigan, and Maine. They are working in seven disciplines, and 36 percent identify as culturally diverse. The fellowships are for upcoming summer residencies at one of the nation’s leading contemporary arts organizations.

The incoming group of MacDowell Fellows includes GRAMMY-nominated composer Fred Hersch; experimental filmmakers Shon Kim and Mitch McCabe; Guggenheim Award-winning performance artists Cassils and Michelle Ellsworth; Lucille Lortel Award-winning playwright Max Posner; visual artists Becca Albee, Heidi Hahn, and Victoria-Idongesit Udondian; Guggenheim Award-winning writers Amitava Kumar, Suki Kim, Eileen Myles, Sarah Schulman, and Ross Gay; National Book Award winner Sigrid Nunez; and Lambda Literary Award winner Joan Larkin.

These highly competitive fellowships, each with an average value of more than $10,000, were awarded from a pool of 1,128 applications received by the most recent of MacDowell’s three annual deadlines. A panel of distinguished professionals in each discipline selects Fellows based solely on their talent as evidenced by a work sample and project description. While at MacDowell, Fellows are provided a private studio and accommodations for a period of up to eight weeks, and three meals a day.

According to discipline, the most recent group of Fellows includes:

Architects: Viola Ago, Matt Burgermaster, Erik Herrmann, Michael Jefferson, Aaron Jones, Suzanne Lettieri, and Rosalyne Shieh.
Composers: Philippe Bodin, Eric Chasalow, Fred Hersch, Martha Mooke, Matthew Ricketts, Joshua Stamper, Moses Sumney, and Dalit Warshaw.
Filmmakers: Sam Ashby, Andrea Bussmann, Amelia Evans, Shon Kim, Mitch McCabe, Juan Nicolas Pereda Rodriguez, Dani Restack, Sheilah Restack, Albert Serra Juanola, J.P. Sniadecki, and Leslie Tai.
Interdisciplinary Artists: Cassils, Michelle Ellsworth, Samantha Johns, Devin Kenny, Neil Mendoza, Laura Parnes, and Ziyang Wu.
Theatre Artists: Franky Gonzalez, Stephen Gregg, Kathryn Hamilton, Candrice Jones, Melissa Li, Deb Margolin, Sylvan Oswald, Max Posner, Ed Woodham, and Kit Yan.
Visual artists: Beverly Acha, Becca Albee, Yewen Dong, Joshua Dorman, Jane Fine, Heidi Hahn, Nasim Hantehzadeh, Em Rooney, Laurel Sparks, Victoria-Idongesit Udondian, and Anna Wehrwein.
Fiction Writers: Coryn Brown, Joseph Cassara, Ashley Davidson, Madeline ffitch, Janalyn Guo, Catherine Kudlick, Amitava Kumar, Aryn Kyle, Stephen Macone, Lydia Martín, Deena Mohamed, Sigrid Nunez, Eric Sam Orner, Katy Simpson Smith, and Esme Wang.
Poets: Kristen Case, Ross Gay, Joan Larkin, Kamilah Aisha Moon, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Victoria Ramírez, Iliana Rocha, Charif Shanahan, Tsering Wangmo, and translator Patty Crane.
Nonfiction Writers: Jessica Dawson, Elizabeth de Souza, David France, Darcy Frey, Jason Katzenstein, Suki Kim, Francesca Mari, Ben Mauk, Eileen Myles, Matthew Ortile, Micah Perks, Sarah Schulman, and Danielle Spencer.

Fellows make use of uninterrupted time to work and enjoy the rare opportunity for multidisciplinary exchange. Artists with demonstrated financial need are eligible for travel grants and stipends to help cover expenses that accrue at home while away at a residency. The MacDowell Colony awards more than 300 fellowships each year. The next application deadline is September 15, 2019 for the winter-spring 2020 residency period.

By awarding these fellowships, The MacDowell Colony continues its long-standing mission to nurture the arts by offering creative individuals of the highest talent an inspiring environment in which they can produce enduring works of the imagination. It is a mission that has inspired important contributions to American and world culture for more than a century, and has to date earned Fellows 89 Pulitzer prizes as well as many other accolades.