WeWork's educational coding bootcamp, Flatiron School, has acquired the Chicago-based, for-profit design education school Designation. Founded in 2014, Designation offers online and in-person classes in user experience and user interface design and has been located in WeWork's State Street offices in the Windy City since January of this year.

“Designation and Flatiron School share the same core values and approach to education,” said Flatiron School co-founder and CEO Adam Enbar in a Flatiron School press release. “Our programs combine technology and community to help students learn no matter their background or prior education. Together, we can help more people build the lives they love through these in-demand careers.”

Founded in 2012, the Flatiron School initially offered courses in software engineering, computer programming, and data science out of its New York City office. Since WeWork acquired the platform last October, the school has opened campuses in Washington, D.C., Brooklyn, London, and Houston, with special discounts available to WeWork employees and members. Currently, WeWork employees are only charged half of the $3,500 fee for a 10-week on-campus Flatiron School course, according to Reuters article. In time, Designation will also provide courses to the WeWork community.

“Good design blends communication with creativity, skills that are needed across industries but are often hard to find,” said Flatiron School co-founder and dean Avi Flombaum in the same release. “Designation and Flatiron School understand how to break down process-oriented subjects like UX and UI design so that anyone with drive and commitment can learn and be successful.”