Optim-R, Kingspan
Kingspan's Optim-R is a vacuum-insulated panel with a microporous core, suitable for use in new and retrofit, commercial and residential roofing systems. The panel's thin profile helps it fit into tight spaces and in retrofit applications. With a core that is encased in a thin, gas-tight envelope, Optim-R has an insulating value of up to R-28 per 1" of thickness, and up to R-57 per 2" of thickness. The panels' rigid, thermoset polyisocyanurate insulation infill can be cut to fit based on project needs. Over 90% of the weight of each panel is composed of recyclable materials. Standard Optim-R panel sizes range from 11.8" to 23.6" wide by 11.8" to 47.2" long, and 0.79" to 1.97" thick. The panels are suitable for use in temperature of -40 F to 176 F. Tested to ASTM C1667 standards.

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