Through her one-year old non-profit, Rejuve, and the yet-to-be formed for-profit, Rejuve LLC, Atlanta's Wanona Satcher seeks to transform shipping containers into mini affordable housing units. Forbes contributor Anne Field reports on Satcher's businesses through which she plans to upcycle and re-purpose some of the more than 760,000 containers sitting idly at ports, changing them into what she calls 'Plug-in-Pods.'

Satcher's for-profit will be providing landscape architecture, designing and building shipping container-based spaces for more-affluent homes and businesses, etc. with a portion of the revenues going back to the non-profit.

Satcher’s ultimate mission is to find ways to improve the condition of low-income communities that could be expanded easily and boost employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. It’s just, as she looked into the possibility over a period of two or three years, turning the 320-square-foot and 640-square-foot containers into homes increasingly seemed to her to be the perfect solution.

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