Climate change is affecting the world over, from severe flooding in some parts to extreme heat in others. In a place fighting the latter problem, a city of sustainable excellence has emergence.

In Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates has invested in a living laboratory for sustainable urban living, advancing clean energy technologies, building methods, and transportation strategies. In this piece for Green Building Elements, Aisha Abdelhamid writes about what makes this city so sustainable and how it's working to inspire similar advances in cities around the world. She also refers to a recent report on the city from Susan Lee of University of Birmingham.

Lined with buildings not exceeding five stories, and combined with the presence of street-level ‘solar canopies,’ roads receive protective shade for pedestrians throughout the city.

The main buildings, such as the IRENA Global Headquarters, the Siemens Building, and the Incubator Building, “are highly insulated and energy efficient, with three quarters of their hot water produced using solar energy. They also have angled facades to minimise the amount of glare and heat from the sun.”

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