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AIA Architect

Growing the Missing Middle in Seattle
Urban Development Growing the Missing Middle in Seattle The city's innovative Oak & Alder development can serve as a model for other firms looking to increase housing density. read more
The Tension Between Garden and Machine
Books The Tension Between Garden and Machine Disused infrastructure, once invisible in its banality, is often made remarkable in its rebirth. read more
Creating Positive Spaces
Education Projects Creating Positive Spaces There's no such thing as a neutral space. read more
An Increase in Sustainability
Sustainability An Increase in Sustainability Firm leaders expect their share of LEED-rated projects to grow. read more
Support Nationally, Act Locally
Leadership Support Nationally, Act Locally Getting involved on any level can have a big impact. read more
Sleeping Beauties: Chicago's Adaptive Reuse
Adaptive Reuse Sleeping Beauties: Chicago's Adaptive Reuse A wave of community-focused resurrections of former neighborhood anchors seeks to heal community — and architectural — neglect. read more

AIA Voices

A Kit of Parts

Making architecture healthy and accessible to as many people as possible.

Expanding the Narrative

How can architects prioritize health and equity for all communities?

For Firms, Small Projects Offer Opportunities for Fun and Innovation

We chatted with ORA, winners of a 2023 AIA Small Project Award.

Repaving the Road to Licensure

Removing unnecessary barriers for a more equitable profession.

Moving From Energy to Impact

Architects are doing boundary-moving work.

A 'Catalytic' Public Project

Smart planning and thoughtful design catapulted a Rhode Island bridge to the next...

An Architect With a Challenging Path Is Creating More Opportunities

Gratitude, growth and generosity.

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Restrooms of the Future

Cross-disciplinary project Stalled!, the winner of a 2018 AIA Innovation Award,...

Innovation Isn't Optional

It's time for a more radical shift.

Where Sustainability Meets Prosperity

The fastest-growing city in America is fueled by sustainable investments.

Making the Invisible Visible

How can architects and planners elevate the perception of infrastructure as an art...

Improve Your Firm, Hire for Culture Fit

Prioritizing culture fit over technological savvy in the hiring process can yield...


Emerging Professionals

Young architects share their experiences with their first projects.

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