This week, we're sharing projects from Dallas to New Delhi, the Czech Republic to Newport Beach, and Warsaw to New York, with stops in between. In addition to the projects that we give more detailed coverage, we like to highlight some of the work that architecture firms share with us every day through the Project Gallery—the user-generated portion of our site. So far, we have more than 14,000 projects, most of which were directly uploaded by firms to share with us and our readers.

In this weekly roundup, we showcase some of the coolest new projects to be added to the gallery—thanks to architects like you.

Casey Dunn

Preston Hollow Residence
Specht Architects

"The design of Spechts’ Dallas house was driven by the desire to blur the lines between inside and outside while providing a sense of privacy and seclusion from the street and surrounding neighborhood, at the homeowners request. Its design is influenced by strategies common to classic Dallas modern homes of the 1950’s and ‘60’s."


The Design for Children store, Hlonda6
Warsaw, Poland

"The colourful and unique objects of the brands represented here are displayed in subdued light and set against an unobtrusive, rather minimalist background. There are many subtle references to nature in the design: ample use has been made of various shades of wood, such as oak and plywood, nuances of grey and white, and concrete."


Buffalo, N.Y.
Adam Sokol Architecture Practice

This concept proposal expands "on the idea of a “bazaar” as an architectural typology with a long history and tradition, the concept inherited the idea of repetitive domes as an organizational structure, within which vendors would have individual kiosks. The morphology of the domes modulated throughout the site, resulting in subtly varying sky lighting and elevations."

Matthew Ziegler Photo Inc.

Tribeca Rogue
New York
Woods Bagot

"The rhythm of the deeply recessed full-height windows, which are encased in angled, weathered, metal frames, echoes the cast-iron façade of the nearby Cary Building, an 1857 Italian Renaissance Revival structure. The floor-to-ceiling window walls are positioned to optimize views while maintaining privacy for residents. The protruding panels are angled to provide shading inside the building and, on the outside, changing patterns of light and shadow."

Nine and Pine
Runberg Architecture Group

"Located in downtown Seattle at the corner of 9th Avenue and Pine Street, the Nine and Pine project site is uniquely situated above an underground Metro tunnel that occupies more than sixty percent of the site footprint. The development addresses the challenge of structurally bridging the tunnel with a series of trusses at the ground floor. The project includes tri-level, semi-automated car parking stackers and adds 74 units of housing over retail space on a previously under-utilized site."

Matthew Momberger

Taylor Beach House Renovations
Malibu, Calif.

SPF:architects has completed a renovation of "Taylor Beach House, a 1977 home originally designed by noted California modernist Jerrold E. Lomax, FAIA (1927-2014). Located along the Malibu, CA coast, the Taylor Beach House is well appointed with 5,000 square feet of modern living space, 50 feet of beach frontage, and unobstructed ocean views from each floor. SPF:a’s work focused on using advances in material technology to enhance the original modernist expressions laid out by Lomax that sought to maximize daylighting within."

The flooring only ceases to match and flow onto the walls. The grey micro topping lends the required cement rugged feel to the space only to enhance the feel of antiquity and minimalism. It cuts out the very scope of a fine finished floor that may drive away from the very purpose of rawness.
The flooring only ceases to match and flow onto the walls. The grey micro topping lends the required cement rugged feel to the space only to enhance the feel of antiquity and minimalism. It cuts out the very scope of a fine finished floor that may drive away from the very purpose of rawness.

New Delhi
Bora Da

"Torani draws deep inspiration from Sindhi culture and its design elements and incorporated them beautifully in their clothes. The brief, hence, was simple - Sindhi Architecture. The brief was to create the space clean, void of any clutter in terms of planning the displays so as to hi-light the product mirroring the very heritage it draws inspiration from the 16th century buildings comprising of magnificent domes and beautiful curvilinear arches."

5th Building of MSIC
Ostrava, Czech Republic

"The concept for Fifth Building is inspired by various elements that feature in the design of a local, traditional castle. RMJM has created a modern interpretation of this design and has focused on safety, accessibility, and water. Additionally, the dome-like structure of the building is a representation of the MSIC site and has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the rolling hills that surround it."

Cris Costea

Environmental Nature Center and Preschool
Newport Beach, Calif.

This week, The American Institute of Architects announced the winners of its annual COTE Top Ten Awards, which recognize projects at the forefront of merging design and sustainability. This year's COTE Top Ten Plus award, which recognizes proven energy performance and post-occupancy results, went to the Environmental Nature Center and Preschool in Newport Beach, Calif., which was designed by LPA. "Through simple and cost-effective design strategies, the center was certified as the first LEED Platinum building in Orange County, California, and has operated at net zero since it opened, serving the community as an educational tool for sustainability." To learn more about the other winners, check out our coverage of the announcement.

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