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Firm Description

L&P Architects is an international architectural design practice, headquartered in Hong Kong and with office in Shenzhen. Our professional teams have extensive experience in architecture, interiors, landscape, urban design and masterplanning. Hence, we are specialized in urban mixed-use and retails design & planning projects.


  1. Eye of World

    Eye of World

    Qingdao, CHINA

  2. Qingdao Textile Valley

    Qingdao Textile Valley

    Qingdao, CHINA

  3. Vanke Xiamen Jimei Park Mall

    Vanke Xiamen Jimei Park Mall

    Xiamen, CHINA

  4. Award Winning Jianfa HQ Tower

    Jianfa HQ Tower

  5. Award Winning Dowell Dima Sales Centre

    Dowell Dima Sales Centre

    Wuhan, CHINA

  6. Award Winning The Oval Mall - Dowell

    The Oval Mall - Dowell

  7. Award Winning Ningbo Yintai Centre

    Ningbo Yintai Centre

  8. Xi'An Vanke Jinyu Mixed-Use

    Xi'An Vanke Jinyu Mixed-Use

  9. Award Winning Wuhan Dowell Science Park

    Wuhan Dowell Science Park

    Wuhan, CHINA

  10. Yinchuan Modern City

    Yinchuan Modern City

    Yinchuan, CHINA

  11. Yinchuan Yoyo City

    Yinchuan Yoyo City

    Yinchuan, CHINA

  12. Xi’An Vanke Feng Xi Metropolis Plot 5 Interior Design

    Xi’An Vanke Feng Xi Metropolis Plot 5 Interior Design

    Xi'an, CHINA

  13. Vanke Center - Xi’An High-Tech Zone

    Vanke Center - Xi’An High-Tech Zone

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