Specification expertise group ARCOM has purchased InterSpec, a software tool that integrates specification-writing services with the development of BIM models. The group plans to pair the tool with Masterspec master guide specifications, a product of the AIA that was purchased by Alpine Investors in October 2016, to help provide architects information on building materials and innovative ways and places to use them. InterSpec aims to help users produce customizable and accurate construction documents at a quicker pace than if the work was done manually. InterSpec’s E-Specs feature is a collection of products that expedites the specification writing process through automation when producing BIM-to-specifications.

The new owners of Masterspec set out to improve its functionality, user experience, and accessibility, which included moving the platform to the cloud, improve usability on mobile devices, and integrating it with Autodesk's AutoCAD.

Gilles Letourneau, AIA, who founded InterSpec in 1998, will remain with the product to work alongside MasterSpec. He said this acquisition was an “exciting development for the industry,” according to ARCOM’s press release.